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Sense Me When I Am Gone

Like a lily underwater
I want to hide somewhere into the deep
Get me some candles
I love its glow, shimmering every darkness
I want somebody wake up
Every night, thinking of me
A warm hug, a shoulder I need
Not a love, not a date
I want something better than this,
Something greater than this
Not a love, not a boyfriend but
Somebody to welcome the fire in me

All my restless nights calls you back
Maybe I have never fallen in love
Maybe I don’t know how it feels
Maybe I was just immature enough,
Misled love leads nowhere
I broke too many hearts
Left people who dearly loved
For the ones who faked forever
Heard of people breaking into pieces
When the person they love, leave
I too know how it feels
I too have felt my heart weep

I want a person who
Sees light, even in my shadows
Somebody, who embraces me as me
Not a love, not a couple
I want a bond more than this
I want a bond stronger than this
I want somebody smile at my laugh
And listen when I cry
what if he’s there in my hands
But not in my lines?

I want somebody stand by me, today
Till, I make my way to my grave
Not a love, but something more
Somebody who senses my breathe
Even when I ain’t around anymore……

Published by skylinerise

In search of life...

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