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A Little too Lonely

Hey folks, great I am back again and that means I am not well (lol). Genuinely missing my family, mom and dad. A great feeling of emptiness surrounds myself. I have lost all aura it feels. While I used to be at home, I never had a lot of friends or it wasn’t that IContinue reading “A Little too Lonely”

Sense Me When I Am Gone

Like a lily underwaterI want to hide somewhere into the deepGet me some candlesI love its glow, shimmering every darknessI want somebody wake upEvery night, thinking of meA warm hug, a shoulder I needNot a love, not a dateI want something better than this,Something greater than thisNot a love, not a boyfriend butSomebody to welcomeContinue reading “Sense Me When I Am Gone”

I Badly Need You

Ice Cream Parlor… It’s intensely scorching outside and it’s heat can be felt inside too. It’s almost 37 degrees. Unbearable! Though I have experienced standing under a 40 degrees sky while I used to walk back home from school and once while my very dear mother made me stand outside in an intolerable summer noonContinue reading “I Badly Need You”