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Do Not Read

Well I do not know what’s why am I going blank. As if I am out of all the ideas of the world, feeling so useless and used up. I am just being too lazy about doing anything. I am feeling too lazy to go up to the market and buy some stuffs to continue with my sketching, feeling too lazy to write anything or even read. Though I have been loving my novels too much, I sometimes feel they have been nagging the same thing again and again rather than telling the story as a whole. It just feels as if they had to write a novel of some four hundred pages so they pull up the story that could have been done within a forty. Well, the story’s not bad but I hope I am just getting bored cause the story is mostly meant for mid teenagers and I am at the verge of ending my teens soon. Well does that make much of a difference? Cause all my life I have a weird feeling that I will be a kid forever.

My boyfriend and I have been watching a movie lately, “Ted”. It was the kind of movie I would definitely watch when I wanna have a mood burster. It has jokes, cuteness and much of adult content. All mixed up well together. It’s seems like after a long long number of years that I have watched a movie that had kept me interested through the whole two hours. I get bored too fast, maybe that’s a genetic disorder!

Today I had a bad headache or it’s better to say I am still having it. It’s a migraine that doesn’t love to leave before it has complete three days tormenting me. I am also facing a problem close to having piles which is making me really anxious. I really wanna live and not die before I get married to my boyfriend in a fucking huge palace and have four kids with him. Well, maybe I am thinking too much, maybe I won’t die so soon! Today I slept like a dead, for almost 3 hours after classes. It was more because I could not feel the terrible headache when I am asleep so that’s an advantage of sleeping. If you get migraine and you feel the painkillers are gonna destroy your kidney, you better get a 24 hours sleep bitch! That’s the best way I have found out in the past three years I have been struggling with migraine. This migraine and the white hairs at the tender age of eighteen was gifted by none other than my ex boyfriend. Oh! he was such an asshole. Better not talk about him.

My boyfriend is now struggling to keep me healthy and out of pain so much. He actually is the sweetest boy you would ever find. He cares and loves a lot, more than I expected I would ever achieve in my life. He has an incredible smile that can make your day (well don’t know about you, but it obviously makes my day). When I am angry with him, he would spill that magic smile and boom, I can’t get angry no more. I just can’t, even if I want to, I can’t! He’s obviously cute and so there are girls hitting on him but okay that shit happens. Whatever it is, I know he loves this careless girl and will continue to love her till the end of the world. And I am damn sure the world is not gonna end any sooner (All those fake whatsapp messages that keeps coming up claiming NASA has reported the world’s gonna end this year. I just got such an incredible message in which every other person was firmly believing in, three years ago!)

Speaking of my parents, it’s already 8 pm and they did not create much fuss except for shouting in the morning for no reason. I do have trust issues! They can get their mind changed at any time of the day and it’s just eight now!

Well today was an ordinary day except for an incredible headache and a bad neck pain and piles (bleeding while shitting. Ah god! That’s ridiculous!) . Well atleast I am alive!

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5 thoughts on “Do Not Read

      1. time to smile and create. nicely done. your generation has way more destractions. when i was 19 there were limited computers they were apple and crude. this was 1980 .

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