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And This One’s For My Love

Voila! I know it’s been ages since I wrote the last time and I say this always but things have been like this lately. Life seems to be too filled up and I am enjoying whatever it puts before me. Maybe I am just ready to fight all odds and it seems like a part of growing up! (What if I am getting matured enough!) Whatever it might be, days seem to pass by so quick that I can’t keep a track of it. I wake up, I go to college, I take a shower, wash my clothes, have lunch, take a nap, go out for a walk, come back, scroll instagram for a while, sit to study (recently added in the schedule cause exams are on my door!), sleep. I don’t even complete my sleep these days or maybe I am feeling over-sleepy out of nowhere! I would love to inform you that I have returned to my college and am being a more responsible girl rather than being just silly. I take a shower almost everyday (and by almost I really really mean it!), I do not keep stacks of unwashed clothes, I do not let fungus pile up on my unwashed dishes. Isn’t that a great improvement for me!

Well lately, there has been some turbulences in my perfect relationship. Not much, just a little, as it happens in love! I am being too much itchy about everything My boyfriend is calm enough to handle my mood swings so well! I love him, I really do and I feel from deep down that it’s a blessing to have him. He’s sweet and just the man every girl wants. I sometimes feel I get a lot cranky recently and that he would soon be irritated by my odd behaviours. I just need to control my hormones and be nice! I get him upset so much, yet he hangs out with me the whole time. And by “whole time” I really mean it! He’s more of my soulmate, with whom I am free to share. Its been more than seven months we are dating and it’s gonna be a year of knowing each other just the next month! It’s just that we are too much into each other and recently we have been so frank, we do not feel awkward to share anything! Why would we though. Well he’s the man I had my first kiss with, we lost our virginity to each other, we have been constantly sharing our lives for so many days and months.

Currently I feel we are going through the phase where we take time to accept each other as we become more frank and free to each other. Showing our actual shelves and not being shy to express might make us dislike some characteristics of each other and that’s okay. I don’t need you to be perfect baby, I didn’t love you just by thinking that you would match in everything with me, that you would read my mind and fulfill all my expectations. I fell for you because I felt a sense of peace with you, I felt calm with you, you make me escape from this world of never ending stress and competition. I feel for you cause you are the one trying to make me smile when I feel low, cause you are the one who trusted me. I do not expect you to commit no mistakes. We have a long way to go, correcting all the flaws we make. It is through our mistakes that we would get to know each other.

It’s not important if you fail to fulfill what you had planned once in a hundred times, it’s important that you tried to do it and more important that you tried to do it for me, just to see me smile! Being a human I too get you upset, I too make you feel low, but I would do everything to get you back smiling. I don’t care about imperfections if they are the reason that makes our bond stronger day by day. Let them be, we will work them out together!

Love isn’t difficult, it’s a blend of two souls trying to make each other better, converting imperfections into what we call “connection”!


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