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Too Many Fucks Given

Yes! Already given too many fucks in life. I do not know why, now I just want to focus on happiness. Something that gives me life, someone who gives me light, I want them all. I have left caring of all those shits people talk about me. I have left caring about all those bitches who never liked my smile. I have left feeling for all those people who wanted me to be less happier. Well, I have defined my own meaning of “SUCCESS”. In this whole world, people misinterpret “SUCCESS” to be “SUCK-ES” (obviously it sucks too much). In a quarter of my life, I have faced a lot. Things which I would never want to relive. All those dark times of my life seems like a nightmare now and when I look back I feel I have always been a strong girl. Yes, maybe at some point I even had thoughts of ending my life, but it passed away soon. I am brave, I am wild.

I have been hurt, shattered, pushed, pulled, abused, harassed, depressed, misunderstood by life, people, parents, relatives, friends. They do so still today! The only matter is that, earlier I used to care about them and now I do not let them get under my skin. I have become “THICK-SKINNED”, isn’t it? All those people who insult me cause I couldn’t compete the world’s second most toughest exam and get a seat, I think, I need not to bother about them much. I can’t say “I do not care about the world”. Well, I have to. But I have started caring more of the people who feel for me, understands me. I must say, it’s too important and too good to let toxic people out of your league.

There’s one simple rule of life…..If somebody tried to fuck you, you have two options. Either don’t give a fuck at all or fuck him back too hard! That’s the only thing you can do. Revenge is not an option! I am a girl who had nobody to guide her while she was lonely, not even her parents or friends, so she learned to survive when others tried to bury her alive. She learned it all by herself. Life taught her….

Another thing I have always felt is that, whenever a tragedy happens, it happens to either give us a lesson or to accompany something beautiful. And that’s true. For some moment you may feel like there’s nothing but just emptiness but you will find light somewhere, my friend. Maybe not a bright one everytime. But in this lonely world filled with darkness, even a spark is enough to grab light!…..

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