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A Stronger Woman

I have always wondered if there would be somebody to appreciate me, to love me, to take care. My heart’s a soft world. It’s endowed with love for friends, family, people around me, even strangers! I am somebody who would give everything to a person who truly appreciates me. I ain’t talking of just romantic love. A love, that goes beyond this. I love to help people. Even small things make me happy. When a person smiles just because of me, I feel I have the world to myself. But with this softness, you can’t probably survive in this brutish world. A world where everyone’s ready to snatch from you, a world where everyone wants something in return for a little help, won’t let soft-hearted people survive. I too couldn’t. In the early stages of my life I did face too betrayals. I have seen people benefiting from my “goodness” and returning cruelty time to time. It has been so much that I was forced to put a cover upon my soul. I had to envelope my nature with that of a different personality. The one I call “A Stronger Woman”.

Still, I could never change my heart. The world just made me put a shied on myself but the inside of it is still the same, still the soft. Life had made me see the darkness hidden beneath those fake colours of the world. But it never said me to change myself, rather turned me into a better personality. I still help people. Some still take advantages and move away for ever. But I have to trust everybody that crosses the way of my life. Life is all based on trust. Some will break it, you can’t stop!

I have searched for a person just like me for ages now. I couldn’t find any. While I thought I tamed birds, they proved to be snakes. I completely gave up seeking. I had no choice. But as life would always show unexpected things, a few months ago I did come across somebody with the same stories and struggles as me, with similar fears and weaknesses. I do not yet know if I am right this time or wrong as always but I think I should not mark a person as cruel just because every other person I met had been cruel to me.

I know life shows turns and twists. But what’s the fun on simple straight roads?

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2 thoughts on “A Stronger Woman

  1. Just tonight I was speaking to someone on how relationships and life it self it full of bumy roads and we just have to use the bumps to help ourselves heal and become better for ourfelf first then others. and yes you are right we can’t judge someone one based on our own misfortune with others and at the same time we must be okay with guarding our heart as this judgement or fear only comes from wounded areas of our lives.

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