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It feels I am living the best phase of my life! As most of you know, I am back to my town after years and currently too busy hanging out with friends. I never knew I was so important to them. People are calling me, texting me from everywhere if I could probably meet them within a few days. I feel so good now!! Even after so many years, I am still that important to all of them. My transition from high school to college has not been smooth lately but now it feels good! This union with childhood would end soon cause our colleges would reopen soon and everyone would be scattered to seek their destinations. This thought makes me feel sad but the present is way more happier than I expected.

Today I was hanging out with two of my childhood guy friends. Till date I had never tasted alcohol or even seen anybody drinking in front of me. This evening I went to the “Sky Lounge”. My friends had beer. But I didn’t, cause I had plans to drink for the first time with my college buddies. We moved to different cafes and had amazing food and drinks. I had a mocktail (instead of alcohol). We biked all the way to a vast vacant place away from the city, just to have tea (my friends had cigarettes).

I laughed, giggled, went back to my childhood. It was amazing. Everyday feels so refreshing now. Away from the closed room I had for the past few years, away from the four walled jail where I spent two and a half years of my life, I feel relived. Though my parents do not know anything about it, they are just to conservative to let me out with a guy on his bike. It’s their freaking mind which searches for my “boyfriend” in every guy they see me with (They do not understand I am happily single!!).

Flashing back childhood memories can be so tempting. I wish I could tell everything I am feeling right now. But I have no words to explain. It’s so so different from the life I had even a few days ago!

Not just my childhood buddies, but my new college buddies are sweet too! We are already making memories that’s gonna be stored in our wandering brains forever. Though pandemic has taken away the freedom of offline classes but we hope for things to get better soon!!

Enjoy wherever life takes you. You won’t get THIS moment back EVER!

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