A Happiest Nightmare

I may not be as strong as they are
But I am neither weak as well
Why can’t you believe in my powers
Why didn’t you pick me up at times when I fell

My heart cries in pain as I
Think of all I did bear
I wished I could confide all to you, mom and dad
That would have been my “Happiest Nightmare”

If once you would have smiled and said,
“Do what your heart wants, we’re there by your side”,
It would have taken me all the way
Through life’s every resilient ride.

I want not to become your shame
I desire to become your pride
So please listen to me mom and dad
So today let me confide

I fancy to work for things I Love
Not for the things you think I do
I am completely a different girl within
About whom you had no clue.

I want to hear people cheering my name
Have spent a lot in ignorance
You say our girls don’t follow those lines
So let me break your fence

Yes I spend a lot on my phone,
Just scrolling down, got no friends
So let me confide to you today
So lemme see how it ends

My dreams are tough, I may burn in it’s flame
But the thing today I wanna say
Even if amidst all chaos I loose myself
Just hold my hand, I will make my way!

Published by skylinerise

In search of life...

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