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Why WordPress Feels Like My Ex?

The title looks very unreal, isn’t it? But wait, I am gonna prove it’s reality in just a paragraph. Not intended to write long paragraphs cause I have seen nobody to be greatly interested in the musings of an eighteen year old girl.

The reason WordPress feels like my ex is more because of you guys. Just when your relationship ends and there’s still a continuous effort going on from one side is the most ridiculous stage (ofcourse for the person who still puts on the effort). Similar is my case with WordPress. I am putting on effort from my end but WordPress seems to be so ignorant. Posting two articles a day along with three stories seems too much effort for just nine views and eight likes. Late night staring towards my laptop for a single notification which I know is never gonna pop up, seems like texting my ex and waiting for a reply that is bound to never arrive! No calls answered, no messages replied just like no likes, no comments and no views!

So claiming my utmost right over my complaint, I request all my viewers not to turn into my ex. Writing is my love. I want not to breakup with it. Finally for all those serious, cranky people out there who believe no jokes can exist in this world, I request them to read this article in a humorous way. And to all my lovely viewers, if they can see a sweet little star shaped button at the bottom, tap it, it makes me happy!

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37 thoughts on “Why WordPress Feels Like My Ex?

  1. I also love to write. I was very busy since last 8 months with my Master’s research. Now again concentrating on writing. It’s frustrating not to get viewers. Same thing happening with me on bloggers. I write almost everyday now. Best of luck for you. I hope you will get more appreciation from fellow writters.

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    1. Same case with me!! I am still too fucked up will all kinds of entrance examinations. Getting depressed day by day yet writing keeps me alive. So taking out some time I sit back to write. It’s the only time I can juggle up my mind to see something new.
      It’s truly frustrating not to get likes and views! All my best wishes to you too😊

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      1. Surely I will read your post brother! Though I am not too good in reading bengali cause I have always been in a convent school and we had bengali as a secondary subject only till class 10. I haven’t been in touch with reading and writing the language for two years now but surely I am a pure bengali!


      2. Entrance exam??? What? You mean educational institutions are open in your country? In Bangladesh educational Institutions are closed almost 1.5 yrs. I am Lucky enough to complete my research with a lot of restrictions. Still result yet to come!

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      3. In India things began to get back to normal ( or atleast the govt said so) a few months back and we were back to sitting for exams! For the few months as the tremendous 2nd wave arrived, institutions were closed but still some engineering colleges conducted their exams online. I have my “most prestigious” JEE exams ahead! Gotta prepare for that ( it was canceled due to lockdown and no dates have been announced yet but the syllabus is as huge as a mountain so gotta prepare ahead of time)

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      1. Yeah..for now I write to let my heart out and I have kept my account as “Skylinerise” so that I can completely let my heart out without people judging me!! But someday I dream of becoming a good writer😊


  2. Haha 😄 you have just started, in starting everyone face the same ❤❤
    Well here are my genuine advice for you
    Go on your readers feed , like and comment on everybody’s blog you follow, make friend!!
    Explore new blogs, follow them, like their latest post, comment on the same!!! But remember never self promote, like follow my blog or anything, bloggers hate that and will generally never follow back !!! So comment something genuine about their content !!! Read atleast their 2-3 blog post (not more than that) like and genuine comment!!! You will surely gonna see some positive effect ❤❤❤❤

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    1. Thanks a lot vani!!! I will surely follow your advice😊😊. You have been truly very helpful and I guess we have become friends by now😊😊. Thanks a lot for the advice!
      And yeahh self promotion seems weird truly😂. I never ever do that but I have seen some people promoting in comments! Some even promote their site which ultimately finds a way to the spam folder and that too automatically ! I guess wordpress doesn’t like promotion as well😂

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    1. Heyyy!! I am so glad that you visited my page and so overwhelmed that you liked my article. Thank you for the inspiration and compliments. It really means a lot to me😊😊😊


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