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I Trust You

Its been long enough I haven’t written. It’s not that I was too busy or caught up with life. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Got an entire month holiday, mostly of which I had spend enhancing my painting and sketching skills, telling whatever happened to me the whole day to my sweetheart, watching late night movies. It was fun. But lately I have been feeling lazy more than ever and couldn’t make up mind to finally write until now that I pushed myself! A lot of things have already taken place in my life. It was supposed to be a one month holiday which basically means away from college and back to home. Which also means, a long distance with my honey. I am so badly attached to him that I get short anger issues on everything and he is the perfect sweetheart to bear all my mood issues so smoothly. I know any other man would have been irritated till now, but not him! He can bear a girl like me for infinity. Determined in love, we wait to meet each other again, until two days ago when we received a mail from college that due to the 4th covid wave, college will be shutting down for an unspecified time. I was shocked, shattered, heart broken…..scared of long distance. I have been in one as you guys know and that relationship had destroyed me so badly. I couldn’t trust in love until I found this amazing man!

He is the one who’s soft spoken, sweet, a listener, a fighter, a supporter and everything goodness filled in a single living being. I feel really blessed to have a man like that. It seems heaven when he smiles. I love his hair, his smile, his eyes, his smell…He never shouts or disrespects. I can write a whole book about that guy.

Speaking of my arts, I have developed it a lot, upgraded my skills I thought I have lost in the mess of time. I have currently put a halt on it cause I need some extra instruments but feeling too lazy to get up and go to the market. I and my boyfriend have been watching movies together, listening to music late night, sharing relevant reels, sharing our days together. This is how we deal with long distance until god again finally makes us meet. I miss him so much. He is that kind of guy I would happily be married to. Just the moment we both gave up on trusting love, we discovered it through each other. I always thought love was a shit, difficult as hell, it just makes you cry and breaks every part of you and at last leaves you destroyed. He somehow made me feel that I was completely wrong. His small actions gift me immense happiness. Holding my hand like a baby while crossing streets or pulling on the safe side while walking along a road or giving me his cap when it’s scorching or bringing me things from his collection of meds when I am in pain or any problem. Facing situations with me, understanding my issues and trying to solve them are a few things I feel best about.

It was him who made me know the magic of being close, the magic of being together, the magic of being in “LOVE”. Distance hurts but I know we gonna get through this as well as we do through every hurdle. I trust him. Cause it’s easy to like someone but it’s tough to love them with everything you have. He does that….

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