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Queen Knows to Fuck

Today was an interesting day. Women are so bitch sometimes. I am myself a girl yet feel this way sometimes. Adam’s ex girlfriend called him from an unknown number while I and Adam were watching a series together. He said the call was from some coaching institute who asked if the number belonged to “Teresa” (code name of his ex girlfriend ofcourse, I do not reveal names you already know). I was confused and shocked as well suspicious as to why Teresa had put Adam’s number at the institute. He was surprised as hell on the situation cause they have no contact for over a year now. Teresa sometimes tries reaching him which obviously infuriates me as it did this time as well. I asked for the number and rang it several times. It wasn’t answered nor was I called back. Later again I called the number and a female voice picked up. I had already looked up on True caller where Teresa had put a fake coaching name Shiny Coaching (again the code name ofcourse). I walked into the conversation straight forward (I fucking knew from before it was her, I just needed to confirm). I asked whether I was speaking to Shiny Institute, which made her giggle (ofcourse she knew it was a fake name). But she controlled herself quickly and went on asking me from whom I got the number. It was quite clear she knew I was someone close to Adam. That bitch just wanted to make sure of that and wanted Adam’s details. I was like why the fuck would a coaching institute be so much interested on from where I got their contact rather than the student herself!

The female voice went on asking from whom I got to know of the Institute which made me infuriated (ofcourse I knew it wasn’t any fucking institute rather that silly bitch). Infuriated, I shouted over the call that an institute must have nothing to do as to where I got the contact rather be much serious about the student herself. Which led her to ask me several questions to confuse me. She asked me from where I was and which school I passed out. Ofcourse I couldn’t give the actual details, but I got brains! I had already collected information about schools and places in and around the region Adam lives. She knew I was a fake caller as she was. She again asked me from where I got the number, I straight away said, “from Teresa”. She was shocked as to how I knew her name. A complete stranger calling out her name over the phone! It took her a moment to get out of her shock after which she cleared her throat and asked a few more questions. My confident voice and straight answers couldn’t make her fight anymore. I continuously asked where her institute was, she did not reply and eventually hung up.

Before all of this I had already looked up for “Shiny coaching” on google and there was nothing to be found. I looked up to track her phone number but there wasn’t any authorized number by that I’d. I directly knew she had taken up a temporary number from some app and had dialed my boyfriend. Such a bitch. But she never knew that I am a bitch too. Maybe more than her! She was so confused and shocked, I could feel it in her voice. Bloody woman!

She had tried reaching him many times. Calling and texting from a variety of numbers everytime. Adam ends up blocking her each time she tries. I hate her so much. There was once a time when that bitch cheated on Adam and now she wants him back. Well I won’t let her ever. I know what to do and how to do. I will give her a few warnings to stay away and if she does not, her life will be in trouble, I swear. I was atleast happy I could instill a fear in her. I know she won’t stop here, but who cares, I know to fuck bitches….

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