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It Calls Me Again and Again

The warmth of the rain cools me down
My soul, still alive
The raindrops scratches through the frosted glass
Voice of mist survive

The fog collects on the pane, as I sigh
O’ see the grass green o’er the lawn
I feel the solitude of the twilight moon
Sense the freshness of the falling dawn

What every morning brings to me
That every night takes away
And in every dream I am left with nine
With tears down I lay

All falser things I have found enough
What truth does it leave behind
The lavender of the soil wakes me up
To address my unfaithful mind

The long lost road has never been taken
It’s still dirty n’ untouched
Cause it’s rare like my name
So has not been searched

I again feel the warmth of the drops
But this time on my cheek
It crosses my lips and over my chin
I wonder the way it seek

In the rosewood forest I am lost
The shadows cover me round
I am the girl who has once been lost
And never has been found

Suddenly a cactus pricks my feet
I feel my pain without a sound
The sky is dusky, it’s getting dark
My blood drains my wound

The fathom glory of the morning star
Brings no peace to me
I was left forever alone, my friend
For what I was meant to be.

—–by skylinerise

Published by skylinerise

In search of life...


  1. I used to write such poems in my small diary based on the pain in my heart. I never showed that diary or the poems to anybody. Feeling a bit unsure cause I am revealing these for the first time. Leave a like and comment if you find it good.

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