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How It Feels To Be Hurt


All the happiness can vanish from your life if you are hurt by the person you love. It feels like nothing is in place and we try our best to put all back again. I do not know how the men think of it, but for the ladies it’s true. We get hurt, we cry, our hearts ache, our mind bleeds but again we get melted easily by just one sweet word from our partners. Do our partners feel the same for us?

Sometimes it happens that I cannot even say that I am hurt. What will I say? I am hurt because you do not seem to care about me anymore? Saying this will either make him angry that I did never understand his love or he may say nothing on this matter and simply ignore it.

Recently he had been ill for a long time. Everyday I woke up and asked him time to time how he was. I was eagerly waiting for his one message that he was fine. Time to time I checked my messages so that I did not miss any of his. I was worried, had no interest in food or sleep. Praying to god the whole day. I literally did nothing else….

I am ill currently, but he does not seem to bother much. He woke up in the morning, Didn’t even text once to know how I was. I texted him a message and then he replied that he was fine and asked me how I was. I said I was fine but still feeling ill. Its been an hour without a single reply. While we talk, he wants to go away. While I sit down by my phone thinking of him, he does not seem to bother to even look at my message. I do not know if I should say these things but I can not keep it stored in my heart anymore.

Some times he cares for me so much that I feel maybe I do not love him as much as he does. But many times he behaves as if I am none. It hurts. But I can not say these things to him.

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