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Before I Go

All the promises I made to youShall fulfill them all before I go If the Lord makes me meet youEven in my dreamsMy soul can rest in peace Why am I in pain?Why my eyes feel wet?Without you, I can’t walk a step Shall I stay silent foreverOr shall I cry my heart outCause youContinue reading “Before I Go”

Never Felt Before

Don’t know why in your dreams,Why in your words,I get lost every time. Don’t know why in your eyes,Why in your ways,Something happens to me. All my nights run through your memoriesI feel I am getting lost somewhereMy eyes searches for you everywhereI have surrendered my heart to you Something I have never felt before….Continue reading “Never Felt Before”


poem#1 It Calls Me Again and Again The warmth of the rain cools me downMy soul, still aliveThe raindrops scratches through the frosted glassVoice of mist survive The fog collects on the pane, as I sighO’ see the grass green o’er the lawnI feel the solitude of the twilight moonSense the freshness of the fallingContinue reading “IT CALLS ME AGAIN AND AGAIN”