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A Letter Without An Address

Dear Myself,

I have been thinking of writing to you lately. I heard you seem to be in trouble. Situations do not favor you much and you seem to curse every action from your past. I know it feels tough but I have seen you as a fighter, rather an invincible fighter. You let your fire extinguish in your anguish. Let it burn! You have been thinking too much of your future and amidst all you forget to live in your present. Does that make sense? Choose to live the way you are not the way you wish to be one day. You will be what you wish to be just if you be what you are now.

Ten years back, you knew not what those amazing ten years awaits for you. Lots of ups and downs, lots of laughter and pain. Ten years before, as a little kid you had no idea how you will be a decade later. And now after a long journey of ten years you are finally here. Isn’t that amazing? Ten years from now you will be somewhere else. Maybe lost, maybe found! Maybe alive, maybe dead. Maybe happy, maybe not. Ten years later you may be living the life of your dreams or maybe you won’t. But let that not spoil your present. Grow into a wonderful woman. Keep trying to pull off what you wish. If you succeed, you will be living your dream and if you don’t, you will be living a life of no regrets!

After ten years from now, I shall be writing to you again! Till then I am always with you and I will be waiting for all these years to write to my beautiful lady again….

With Love

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