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In Conversation With Heart

Me: Knock! Knock!
[Heart opens the door but not with a smiling face, rather a disturbed one]
Heart: Hey! What do you want? Why do you keep knocking every time. Trust me I feel so irritated sometimes. Can’t you keep calm girl?
Me: (with a pleading look) How can I help? It’s you who keep disturbing multiple times!! I am here to complain.
[Heart lets me enter, though reluctantly]
Heart: Now tell me what is it. Be quick. I do not have much time pondering over one shit. I have to jump to the next trouble.
Me: Why can’t you be silent for some time? Do you always have to put your opinion? Why don’t you let me be me?
Heart: Well you know I love troubling you cause that makes me happy. But you know what, if some day I stop troubling you, you will come running to me and beg me to start again.
Me: Huh! Is that so?? Do you know me more than I do?
Heart: I think I do. I think nobody knows you better than me. Not even you yourself!!

[We both looked at each other in silence. I know not how to confront this]

Me: Okay I agree. But why do you always have to think beyond limits, beyond things you are supposed to do?
Heart: Cause I have high intentions! Can’t sit down quietly at a place and doze off like you.
Me: Okay! But thinking beyond limit!? Will that ever make sense? Do you think you can achieve this?
Heart: Well, I do not think I can’t, either.
Me: Do whatever you wish but please stop bothering me. I am tired. I am not supposed to follow what you want. I have a 99% chance of failing. I can’t! I just can’t! Do you understand that?
Heart: Well if I stop thinking, do you think you will be left with even the rest 1%?

[I could have said nothing more. A complete silence gathered around us. I was so engrossed with the last line my heart said to me, that I forgot to wish Goodbye while leaving the door. As I left, the door closed behind me. Suddenly I turned around…]

Me: Hey but do you think I can convert the 1% into 99?

[A voice came from the other side]

Heart: That’s not my material to think, that’s yours…..

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12 thoughts on “In Conversation With Heart

  1. Interesting! If I was speaking to my heart, I’d just ask it to feel a little less so that it hurts a little less. I would applaud it for being with me on matters of love and for falling, breaking and mending. Love your take too, you want to rest, you want to mend 🙂

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    1. Yeahh!! I just want my heart to understand that everything will fall in place when it’s right time! What’s my destiny is bound to happen. If God would want me to achieve my dreams then I would do it no matter what!


    1. I am so glad you lied my post😊😊. My heart has high intentions. It never wants to settle down. I do not know why! And this troubles me a lot🥺. I hope it understands me soon😶

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