The One TRUE LOVE Everyone Has

I Love You So Much….

Whether you are single or double, whether you just had a breakup or got a new love, whether you are crying or unconditionally happy, you can have a thing suited for every moment.

Food is such a thing that makes me happy-happier-happiest. When I see a great dish, I just can’t stop or stand still. I want it, I need it, I will snatch it or else I will die. My grandpa used to be the greatest foodie ever and my grandma, the greatest cook ever! (a good match isn’t it?) I would never forget the secret chicken recipe my grandpa used to have. He had somehow specialized in chickens and used to cook chicken for all of us, his grandchildren. The rest part of the meal would be completed by grandma. Well, I miss my grandpa’s chicken so much. Would never be able to taste it again. My mother is the eldest among their two daughters and so I am their eldest grandchild and my grandpa used to love me more than anything else. I miss him a lot! He died six years ago.

People say I am the Xerox copy of my grandpa and that I have been donated his tongue! He could taste even the slightest glitch in foods and so do I. I can properly say when the salt is less or the sweet is more. People in my family come to me with a bit from the cooking pot to detect if the salt is correct and all other properties of tastes are preserved. I am basically the taste-detector of my family. But even though it sounds good, it has not always been for me. At times I had to taste such things I could never imagine…..dal without salt, half cooked curry, sour milk, rotten eggs and what else!

Getting a good tongue costs you a lot sometimes. Well, I can be a good cook as well. I do not cook much or do not know to cook much but I can create my own kind of dish, just some snacks or so. Yesterday, I made breakfast for myself. My mom took a bite, liked it a lot and so I made another one for her. Feels good to make food for her. She does for us everyday, but nobody does for her. I did and she was more than happy. I felt too good too.

Lastly, stay safe, stay happy.

love ya!!

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