A Princess Into A Queen

Every phase of life brings new wonder, joy and emotion while it leaves behind memories of the past phase. A little child, playing in it’s mother’s arms grows up to cry for toffee or toys. While the phase changes, needs and satisfaction differes. Priorities change. We begin prioritizing our work, relationships, likes, dislikes everything.

One such change in life comes when it comes to marriage. Indians and mostly Indian aunties are deeply interested in everyone’s marriage. In India, marriage is the biggest ceremony of life. Celebrating love and the never ending bond of the couple. The big fat Indian wedding spends a lot of money and food. It even serves as a get together for long lost relatives and friends. The bride and groom is dressed to look like the prince and princess or rather the God and Goddess.

Indian culture speaks of marriage as “saat janmo ka bandhan” or the bond of seven lives. So once you get married leave your thoughts of hitting on someone else even in your next birth. Try so after you have been born seven times and finally got bored of life!

Well all jokes apart, the auspiciousness of marriage is reflected in every ritual followed. The ceremony goes on for several days. Lots of people involved and lots of fun, dancing, food and music…and ofcourse LOVE.

The beautiful princess finally turns into a queen and starts the new journey of a new phase to make more memories and blend some with the old ones.

Lastly, as always, stay happy stay safe.

Love ya!!

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