The BIRYANI Fetish

The Abode Of Taste….

For all those who still do not know what BIRYANI is, this blog is exactly for you. I can say with a two hundred percent certainty that you have never ever tasted any food if you have never ever tasted biryani. And for all those people who DO NOT LIKE Biryani, I have a person grudge against you.

To begin with, Biryani is the most perfect and tasty meal ever made. It is a complete meal with everything you can eat at once. Literally a heavy food and can keep you stomach full for the whole day or two. As an introduction, Biryani was introduced or rather invented by the Mughals in India. The royal cook used to make the meal for the royals with the everyday basmati rice as it was the most expensive rise then. But as for now, we have much better and finer rice breeds and we love to make our biriyani finer everyday. The item is heavy, so never ever make a mistake of eating it when your stomach is full. It’s preparation requires a lot of time, putting layers of rice over layers of curry. Biryani has several siblings of it’s own like chicken biryani, mutton biryani, aloo biryani (I would rather call it a brother from another mother, considering it to be of the Pulao breed).

My brother, i.e, my cousin brother, loves biryani more than anything else in this entire world. He will stick to the place where he gets its smell. He can eat a truck full of biryani if you tell him to do so. While we used to go for pandal hopping during pujas, he would not get back home if he does not get biryani. He would rather go on a food strike forever. He now stays in Germany, and you know that getting biryani there is like bringing Kohinoor back to India, Impossible! He used to almost cry over the phone due his recent breakup with biryani. The grief of loss and separation broke him down.

A few days back his excited call made me know that he has literally got his Kohinoor! How wonder! He has searched the whole country maybe and found the address of a woman who makes Indian Biryani and delivers it to people who cannot tolerate their breakups with the meal. He was obviously more than happy and I was obviously more than astonished at his discovery.

I too love biryani a lot. Due to the lockdown for over a year now, I too would have gone into a “biryani depression” if my mom would not have made it for me. It’s a truly tough recipe and you literally need to slay in the kitchen. But to satisfy my tongue, my mom slayed for three or four hours in kitchen. Well, the smell of saffron was so nice. My tongue was more than satisfied and my nose was happy too.

Lastly, biryani is not just a food, it’s an emotion. Biryani is not just a meal, it’s a happiness. Biryani is not just heavy, It’s TOO HEAVY.

stay safe. stay happy.

love ya!!!

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