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Humanity On SALE

Let Us Be Humans Again….

There are few people whom I really love, and still fewer of whom I think well. The more I see of the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it; and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters.

Humanity is on SALE or can we say it is SOLD! I see the world around me, so inconsistent. People nowadays have more options than before. People nowadays do not value every option they have. With money in hand you can buy everything I guess but not the smile in someone else’s face.

This terrible destructive pandemic has killed many, separated more, destroyed large. Our whole system seems to have fallen apart. The news channels have turned all of their attention towards COVID. Whenever I turn on the TV, it’s just the ever increasing number of the affected and dead. Can’t take this anymore. I can’t. Nobody can. The whole nation is praying for their dear ones and also of others. Trying to send help as much as possible. But in some cold corners lies those who have put humanity on sale. While the whole nation screams in fear and pain, while the patients suffer on the hospital floors due to shortage of beds, while the affected gasp for oxygen when the cylinders are over, while the bodies are being thrown in the Ganges due to shortage of burial grounds, there are some people in the nooks and corners, selling humanity.

Recently, the media shows that some cold-blooded mudbloods have started a good business with the pain, our nation is suffering. Black marketing medicines, stealing medicines from hospitals, giving the patients syringe of just water (simply water!) instead of medicine and selling it at almost 30k in the market while the patient dies suffering in the hospital, asking for money to even avail the food brought by the patient’s family to the patient and many more inhuman acts. I get a shiver even while writing this up. How can people be so stone hearted? Do your heart beat ever? Does it not tell you to stop when you go to the utmost level of inhumanity?

These kinds of terrible acts are being mostly done by the poor staffs or workers, inside or near the hospitals as per the media. These people are needy. In search of easy money they have chosen such paths. But here I need to tell you one thing. If I was in such a situation and even had two children starving for the past three days, I would not make a person die to feed them. There are lots of ways of making money. Work hard and you will get your share.

The other side of the media says that, while the patients are lying on floors and hospitals seem to claim that there are no beds to be given or oxygen to supply, beds and oxygen are being sold in the background for around 10k rupees. I am just writing whatever I hear from the channels, do not know how much of it is true. Yet, even if a 1% of it is true I would say that humanity is on sale or rather we have already sold it. For money people can go to heights. But the heights these mudbloods are achieving is truly shameful.

Let us be a human again. Let us be what we are born for.

Lastly, stay safe. stay happy. Keep helping.

Love ya!!!

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