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I Cry Every Time You Leave Me Alone

This is how I feel when I am left alone. Remember the first time we talked over the phone? We had to stop cause your mom arrived. You said you wished you could keep listening to me all day.

Remember the first time we talked on a video call? You said you had never felt such before and you just came back to remind me that my face was cuter than yours….

Do you remember all those nights we both stayed up, with tears in our eyes for we weren’t  able to hear from each other. You used to wake up every night and write sad poems which you wished to hide from me forever.

Do you remember the times when we had talked for long yet you wished we could talk more and would ask me to stay….haha..and I couldn’t deny your cute face and would happily leave all my work to give you company.

Will those days return? Or are they gone forever?

Now, I still am awake every night, but all alone. I  talk to myself thinking it to be you, hide my feelings when you say goodbye as soon as you come, don’t let you know the pain I feel when you say that you can’t text me cause your fingers pain. I just smile and wish you a “GOODBYE” everytime you want to get rid of me.

There was a time when we would happily leave all our works to just have a word with each other and now you say you would rather love to entertain yourself in another way.

Maybe I was never this important or perhaps am not now. Maybe you would know when I will be lost forever.

The happy memories make me cry. Will those days return? Or are they simply gone forever?

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