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Welcome To The City Of Dreams

Maa Durga-The Mightiest Woman Power

The fragrance of this old city reminds me of the old times. The pages of every book takes me back to the past. The dusty old lanes and the leaning houses reminds of those times when the city used to have a different look. Tram still runs on it’s track here. The city, though very unplanned, yet has its own beauty and history. Yes, you guessed it right. It is my KOLKATA.

Thinking of Kolkata obviously reminds us of the trams, of Rabindranath, of Bengalis whose stomach is always tough to satisfy and obviously of Durga Pujo. If you haven’t seen Pujo here, you haven’t celebrated anything in life. Our Pujos are forever unique. Though we have been conducting Pujo every year, yet Kolkata looks unique every time you visit. The dusty, old, busy city takes a new look during this time of the year. When the dry leaves have fallen and the trees are naked, when the little touch of winter mesmerizes the weather, when the whiteness of the Saccharum spontaneum covers every corner, the city looks as beautiful as a new bride.

Durga Pujo celebrates the victory of Maa Durga over evil powers. It celebrates the victory of woman power. The mother goddess is seen as the greatest idol of power and goodness. She comes every year to take away all the evil and establish purity and serenity throughout. The Pujo is celebrated evey year in a ten days festival in all its glamour and joy. The Pujo of kolkata may make you fall in love with the city. Pandals as huge and beautiful as any bollywood movie set are made, each having some special theme and the Pandal with the best look and theme wins the Pujo award. Lots of people flock from around the world to involve themselves in the mesmerizing beauty of the Pujo.

Bright lights and colors light up the night sky, welcoming the approaching winter. People in their best clothes glam in and around the city. Lots of food, lot of joy, wonder, music, amazement, lights, colors and everything else makes every moment wonderful. Lots and lots of people queue for even hours to have a glimpse of the goddess and enjoy the uniqueness of Pandals. Even I have done so. you must be wondering it to be the toughest job ever, but believe me the beauty and surrounding would never make you feel tired. You will just wish to stand in queues forever! In kolkata, the best time to go for pandal hopping is midnight. During these ten days, you won’t get a hint whether it is midnight or just the evening. Even at 3 a.m., the crowd is such that you would not get a place to walk through the streets.

The feeling of Pujo in kolkata cannot be explained in words. To experience the joy and glamour, you must visit the place. After the ten days of happiness, finally Maa leaves. She goes away to come back again the next year. Even though sadness prevails in everyone’s heart on her departure but the hope of her coming back keeps a smile on our faces.

lastly, stay safe. stay happy.

love ya!!

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