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You Think Us Weak When We Are Silent, You Think Us Spoilt When We Speak

Yet Speak And Take Action…

My silent face bows in shame, my silence cannot speak, before every word I speak I have to think twice if “A GIRL” is supposed to speak so, for every dress I wear I need to be judged, for every style I adopt I need to think will my SOCIETY approve of it, in every of my gesture I am supposed to be calm, In every abuse I face I am supposed to be silent. It is only me who has as if been given the responsibility to save my SOCIETIE’S NOSE. I am already “SUPPOSED” in every thing I do for I am born as a “GIRL”.

This is the hidden inner voice of all the girls in our society. Frankly speaking, my life has showed me that if you stay silent, you would be fooled. I have never said this before but even I have faced abuse as a child, when I was too small to understand what sexual abuse is. Nobody ever speaks of this. It is considered SHAMEFUL. If pointing out what is wrong and speaking up against it is SHAMEFUL, then I would rather love to be SHAMELESS. Being SHAMELESS, I am here to speak that certain groups of people have never known what shame is and instead of pointing out to them, we rather claim that the victim should have a bit of shame. Where are we? What are we? Do we really live in the glittering world of twenty-first century? Well your glittering world hides a lot of darkness.

The pain, the feeling, the multiple thoughts that cross a victim’s mind is beyond your imagination. I had myself been a victim. I did not even know what bad touch was. Nobody ever taught me. While I took my time to make up my mind whether it was a bad touch or not, the criminal was gone, successfully committing his crime. I couldn’t ever speak out. I have faced a bad touch several times while I was still a little KID.

Our beautiful dresses or gesture are not the reason behind this, our midnight parties are not the defaulters. The fault lies in what we think and how we think. Our society has always seen women to be weak and timid, has always taught us that girls do not fight or speak, girls need to adjust, girls need to be polite and calm and stay silent. We are always “SUPPOSED” how we should be, and not given a freedom to choose how we want to be. Why the hell man should we stay calm? Why should we not speak? Why is it always us who needs to stay silent? Why are we to become the symbol of calmness? Why should we feel ashamed to speak of the injustice done to us? Just because we are born to be “GIRLS”?

My life has taught me to stand up, to speak out, to shout, to cry, to even fight. My parents have always felt that I am too aggressive and do not have that “girly” nature in me. But I am happy as how I am. My life has taught me to be so. Atleast I am SHAMELESS to speak out. Atleast I know now the pain and insecurity a girl faces everytime.

We can’t be out alone, we can’t wear what we wish, we can’t go out at midnight. Is it any of our fault that we are being punished for?

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