Between the light and dark phases of life, the world now stands at a depth where it seems all dark. Seeing a person, walking, smiling just a day ago, lies still as a non living object now.

We have seen in movies, when the world is in danger, a hero appears to save us. Today the world is totally in danger and our only heroes are love and humanity.

vaccines can prevent death but a helping hand can save lives. Being a citizen of India, the second most populated country in the world, I can see lacks of innocent people’s scream and tears, their pain and separation, their tensed faces while they carry their loved ones in stretchers, their worried eyes when they cannot fine a bed in the hospitals or an oxygen cylinder to save their near ones, their tired eyes when they cannot find any place left to bury the dead bodies of their loved ones.

We truly need a hero to fight this war. We need us all to stand together.

standing in huge rows or moving through the heavy crowd seems a far memory now. An invisible creature has led us all afar.

Published by skylinerise

In search of life...

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