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Things I Wanted To Say

Part-1: Will You Please Understand Me…. I wish I could shout out. I wish Somebody would have listened. This is just not just a story. This is my life, fastened… I did shout out, in my heart. Though my voice was terribly inaudible (as I am not allowed to speak) I thought somebody would listenContinue reading “Things I Wanted To Say”

A Depression Story

Part-III: Searching For Love In the first part of my story, I had talked of Soyan, Continuing from there I would like to spill out my heart, the many secrets I have been hiding forever…. Soyan and I met in the first standard. We were cool dude together, shared a lot with each other andContinue reading “A Depression Story”

Immature or I’m mature

While you are still a teen and most likely to be about 18 (Which I am), a most reasonable thought crossing the mind is…am I mature?Being 18 means you will be considered as an adult with all the rights that an adult has (of course your parents won’t give you those rights. You will alwaysContinue reading “Immature or I’m mature”