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Queen Of Small Town

Residing in everyone’s heart isn’t easy. It makes people think in a wrong way about you. Through the stages of life, I have seen myself change. I have seen my perceptions change about people and things. The world is not only three dimensional, it’s dimension is infinite. People see it through different ways and angles.Continue reading “Queen Of Small Town”

A Lost Page Of A Diary

Let the Doors Not Open… Astonishing are those imaginations that cannot be written down in words, explained through gestures or expressed through expressions. They look beautiful when seen through a series of mind games. On the other hand I have taken up enough courage to try and pen down those vivid yet unclassified imaginations. BeingContinue reading “A Lost Page Of A Diary”

A Princess Into A Queen

Every phase of life brings new wonder, joy and emotion while it leaves behind memories of the past phase. A little child, playing in it’s mother’s arms grows up to cry for toffee or toys. While the phase changes, needs and satisfaction differes. Priorities change. We begin prioritizing our work, relationships, likes, dislikes everything. OneContinue reading “A Princess Into A Queen”