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Happily Fucked Up

Sounds Weird… Writing after almost two days. For the past two days I felt like doing nothing! Exactly nothing! Neither studying, nor walking, not sitting, nor eating nor writing nor sleeping nor waking nor listening nor speaking nor even living. I do not know, it’s happening to me nowadays. I never ever left like thisContinue reading “Happily Fucked Up”

Reaching Your Limits, See You Are Reaching Your Limits

Limitless… Every task we perform is being bound by certain limits. Whenever I want to explore my subconscious mind suddenly calls me back saying, “See you are reaching your limits. Step back fool!!” While I wish to run a little, walk a little, rejoice some more, eat much, play, enjoy, relax and go wild sometimes,Continue reading “Reaching Your Limits, See You Are Reaching Your Limits”