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Queen Knows to Fuck

Today was an interesting day. Women are so bitch sometimes. I am myself a girl yet feel this way sometimes. Adam’s ex girlfriend called him from an unknown number while I and Adam were watching a series together. He said the call was from some coaching institute who asked if the number belonged to “Teresa”Continue reading “Queen Knows to Fuck”

Happily Fucked Up

Sounds Weird… Writing after almost two days. For the past two days I felt like doing nothing! Exactly nothing! Neither studying, nor walking, not sitting, nor eating nor writing nor sleeping nor waking nor listening nor speaking nor even living. I do not know, it’s happening to me nowadays. I never ever left like thisContinue reading “Happily Fucked Up”

You Think Us Weak When We Are Silent, You Think Us Spoilt When We Speak

Yet Speak And Take Action… My silent face bows in shame, my silence cannot speak, before every word I speak I have to think twice if “A GIRL” is supposed to speak so, for every dress I wear I need to be judged, for every style I adopt I need to think will my SOCIETYContinue reading “You Think Us Weak When We Are Silent, You Think Us Spoilt When We Speak”