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Welcome To The City Of Dreams

Maa Durga-The Mightiest Woman Power The fragrance of this old city reminds me of the old times. The pages of every book takes me back to the past. The dusty old lanes and the leaning houses reminds of those times when the city used to have a different look. Tram still runs on it’s trackContinue reading “Welcome To The City Of Dreams”

I Push You Out And You Come Right Back

Don’t See a Point In Blaming You…. Well, I know, I know. The title provokes the question whom to push out and who comes back every time? And if it does, why can’t we blame it? Well this is all I am gonna discuss here. So read till the end. Let’s get going… Certainly, duringContinue reading “I Push You Out And You Come Right Back”

Sunny On a Sun-Kissed Island On a Sunday

Sun-Kissed I have always dreamt of moving to some island one day all alone, spending time with the nature and the sea, watching the endless sky fade beyond the horizon and the sunbeams tan my tired skin. Ofcourse it’s all a part of my imagination where everything is favorable. Nobody would ever provide you warmContinue reading “Sunny On a Sun-Kissed Island On a Sunday”