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Why I Left Him?

Yeah! People say, I left him. People say I am a playgirl. His friends know me to be a traitor. But nobody knows the real story. Never did they bother to ask, “Why I left?”. Did I ever really wanna leave him? Well I know, he has his part of the story to justify hisContinue reading “Why I Left Him?”

Can Slapping Be Blessing?

Should parents physically abuse their children? Is slapping, thrashing, beating really helpful in shaping a child? Why can’t problems just be solved with words and love? I often wonder if people really feel that children have no right to keep feelings. They can be abused whatever the way elders want in the name of “elder’sContinue reading “Can Slapping Be Blessing?”

Happy As A Flying Bird

From my childhood, I have always been afraid of loosing people. Be it whether the fear of someone’s death or the fear of parting from someone, I have never been able to tackle situations as such. I love being around people, smiling, making memories, spending time with them and in due course, I get soContinue reading “Happy As A Flying Bird”

You Think Us Weak When We Are Silent, You Think Us Spoilt When We Speak

Yet Speak And Take Action… My silent face bows in shame, my silence cannot speak, before every word I speak I have to think twice if “A GIRL” is supposed to speak so, for every dress I wear I need to be judged, for every style I adopt I need to think will my SOCIETYContinue reading “You Think Us Weak When We Are Silent, You Think Us Spoilt When We Speak”