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Love Or Illusion

What Would I Call It? How to differentiate between Love And Illusion? I get so messed up sometimes, dealing with feelings. While the one side says, it’s okay, move ahead, the other puts a complete full stop. Thinking back after so many days, it just feels as if I never have fallen in LOVE! ForContinue reading “Love Or Illusion”

A Crimson Magic

I watched a perfect Crimson SkyFading it’s shades over horizonI watched the birds returning homeI heard the chatter of retuning men The lane standing in front of my windowGlows, as if, in crimson tooNot lots of shadows fall on itTo destroy it’s beautiful hue And slowly the magic fades awayA band of darkness covers itContinue reading “A Crimson Magic”

Happily Fucked Up

Sounds Weird… Writing after almost two days. For the past two days I felt like doing nothing! Exactly nothing! Neither studying, nor walking, not sitting, nor eating nor writing nor sleeping nor waking nor listening nor speaking nor even living. I do not know, it’s happening to me nowadays. I never ever left like thisContinue reading “Happily Fucked Up”

Raw Emotions-Can’t Stop Staring At You

Why Are You Always Attractive… I am in Love! I am in Love! I am in love! In love with with a bread. A bread that brings all happiness together. A bread that makes your mouth drip. A bread that can make you fight with your siblings. A bread of joy and mystery. Pizza, especiallyContinue reading “Raw Emotions-Can’t Stop Staring At You”