Dreams are Bad

I do not know why I feel so shattered lately. It’s weird. I kind of do not wish to have these feelings once again back to my life. They eat me wholly and I dare not go back to the same place from where I just returned. I sometimes feel so lonely. A few monthsContinue reading “Dreams are Bad”

He Knows Not How Big A Player I Am

I was completely cut off from writing for about a month cause I was busy with my studies. So much has happened since then. I had no plans to write even today but it was too much for me to keep all of it stored in my heart. I do not know where to startContinue reading “He Knows Not How Big A Player I Am”

I Write What I Feel

From quite some days or maybe some weeks, I have seen not many red dots appear on my bell. With vacant notification bars, I await for somebody to look up to my writeups. I feel sad and solemn. Not many likes or follows. Not many friends to talk. I am eighteen yet have no SocialContinue reading “I Write What I Feel”

A Depression Story

Part-VI: A Break Through She was a lioness in a birdcageA bird in the depths of the seaShe was powerful and freeBut she was notWhere she was meant to be. Watching the endless orange sky I could find many unknown colours in it as I sat by the railway track every twilight, watching the coloursContinue reading “A Depression Story”

Untamed Roads

Lost Directions… A road is something that leads to. It may lead to a place, to some destiny, in someone’s heart and many more places. But what if you travel on a road you have lost the directions to? Where do the roads end? With the Horizon? Where does it leads to? I do notContinue reading “Untamed Roads”

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