Baby Lemme See You, Oh I Really Need You

The Momo Fetish What’s the best food that’s ever been cooked in this entire world? My forever answer is “Momos”. For the non-Indian readers who have never tasted or seen or touched or felt the perplexing feeling of this amazing food, I swear you have missed a chance of tasting “The God Of foods” andContinue reading “Baby Lemme See You, Oh I Really Need You”

Endless Love And Desire

A Love I Cannot Name… Your fragrance soothes my heart. You taste like heaven. I have the utmost desire to get you. I love you from morning till eleven. Yep, it is a love blog. A love between me and my chocolate pastries. A bond forever made and can never ever be broken. A bondContinue reading “Endless Love And Desire”

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