Should I Be A Narrator Forever?

Yeah, I again messed up. Messed up every of my emotion, feeling. Thinking too much of consequences leads to nowhere. Even not thinking and jumping over isn’t too good. But sometimes, there isn’t enough time to stand and wait to feel it to be finally “right”. Wish he could understand my trauma and wait forContinue reading “Should I Be A Narrator Forever?”

What Are We Actually Searching For?

What do I actually want from life? Do I really know it? I want to live, I want to be dead. I want to be loved, I want to be hated. I want somebody to love me yet I ain’t yet ready for a relationship! I feel jealous, yet I don’t wish to be possessive.Continue reading “What Are We Actually Searching For?”

Immature In Love

And YES! Love is painful. Having a crush is more. I always wonder if something’s wrong with me that I get hurt everytime. I feel less cared and loved. Even though I have a throng of followers in college and even had lots back in school, the guy for whom I fall is everytime theContinue reading “Immature In Love”

While The Whole City Sleeps Under The Unimaginable Darkness Of Night

I can’t explain! So much has happened today. It was a big day with too many small things happening now and then. As usual it was a load shedding but today it was a huge one. From morning till night there was no sign of electricity at all! We got batteries but that too wasContinue reading “While The Whole City Sleeps Under The Unimaginable Darkness Of Night”

A Depression Story

Part-VI: A Break Through She was a lioness in a birdcageA bird in the depths of the seaShe was powerful and freeBut she was notWhere she was meant to be. Watching the endless orange sky I could find many unknown colours in it as I sat by the railway track every twilight, watching the coloursContinue reading “A Depression Story”

You Think Us Weak When We Are Silent, You Think Us Spoilt When We Speak

Yet Speak And Take Action… My silent face bows in shame, my silence cannot speak, before every word I speak I have to think twice if “A GIRL” is supposed to speak so, for every dress I wear I need to be judged, for every style I adopt I need to think will my SOCIETYContinue reading “You Think Us Weak When We Are Silent, You Think Us Spoilt When We Speak”

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