I Push You Out And You Come Right Back

Don’t See a Point In Blaming You…. Well, I know, I know. The title provokes the question whom to push out and who comes back every time? And if it does, why can’t we blame it? Well this is all I am gonna discuss here. So read till the end. Let’s get going… Certainly, duringContinue reading “I Push You Out And You Come Right Back”

Sunny On a Sun-Kissed Island On a Sunday

Sun-Kissed I have always dreamt of moving to some island one day all alone, spending time with the nature and the sea, watching the endless sky fade beyond the horizon and the sunbeams tan my tired skin. Ofcourse it’s all a part of my imagination where everything is favorable. Nobody would ever provide you warmContinue reading “Sunny On a Sun-Kissed Island On a Sunday”

A Depression Story

Part-IV: Destroyed Myself This part of my story had been always too sensitive for me. It shaped the way I am today and the way I was. There are many secrets to reveal. Maybe I would not be able to remember all of them as in my past I had tried harder to forget allContinue reading “A Depression Story”

The Future Equation

Equations Forever Do Not Hold I have always tried to connect things and situations happening at every moment of my life but couldn’t find the EQUATION that defines it. Often heard that everything in the nature around us has symmetry. Guided by facts and figures, there are a several ways to prove it. Heard ofContinue reading “The Future Equation”

A Depression Story

Part-III: Searching For Love In the first part of my story, I had talked of Soyan, Continuing from there I would like to spill out my heart, the many secrets I have been hiding forever…. Soyan and I met in the first standard. We were cool dude together, shared a lot with each other andContinue reading “A Depression Story”

The Soul Knows What the Heart Wants

Ever heard of listening to your heart over your mind? It is truly interesting to know what our heart wants and what our mind thinks. Can we really differentiate between our heart and mind? Can we truly know what is correct and what is not? Can we be defined by a single word. All theContinue reading “The Soul Knows What the Heart Wants”

Immature or I’m mature

While you are still a teen and most likely to be about 18 (Which I am), a most reasonable thought crossing the mind is…am I mature?Being 18 means you will be considered as an adult with all the rights that an adult has (of course your parents won’t give you those rights. You will alwaysContinue reading “Immature or I’m mature”


A fairytale While we were small, our parents or grandparents used to tell us stories of princesses who had to struggle a lot but the ending was always in their favor. Being so used to having a good ending from our childhood, it gets worse to know that reality witnesses bad endings as well. WhileContinue reading “CAN LIFE BE A FAIRYTALE”

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