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Prince Charming

So this is for my LOVE. It’s gonna be a year of knowing each other soon. Through the times we have spent together, I have felt everything that I have never felt before. It’s what everyone says, right? But nay, I am really serious on this issue. This man is what every girl desires for, this man is just what I always imagined my partner would be. He somehow holds my hand everytime I am feeling down and tries every way to make me laugh with him. He understands me and I really did not have a friend ever until I got him. He is someone whom I do share everything with and he does so to. Most importantly, this man listens to me throughout. I am so much in love with him that I try to find ways to meet him even when it’s impossible. We spend the whole day together moving on the streets, eating, giggling but at the end of the day when we are bound to get back to our hostels, it’s the toughest time to say goodbye.

It’s not that we do not fight, we do not have issues. We do! But at the end all that matters is we come to a conclusion, make each other happy, hug things out and lead a carefree love life again. Today I was so close to him, and I looked into his eyes just like the first time we met, and I could see the world in this man’s eyes. I could see the love he stores in his heart for me. I loved the way he looked at me and made me sleep. I truly find peace in his arms, like for a moment the world stops, the time stops, the worldly race of success and failure stands still, and it’s just me and him in a world we make for ourselves. His smile seems so out of the world, just as if “how can something be so heavenly”.

People say we won’t make it, but somewhere deep down I know we will prove them wrong. Yeah, maybe we are still immature but that doesn’t define whether we will last forever or not. We are still on the process of learning and no matter what this guy has made me so attached to himself that the thought of living without him for even a day haunts me. Yeah, I have fallen in love once and I want it forever, anyhow! I have been in two relationships before (not exactly relationships they can be called) and I had lost faith in “love” everytime, but this man made me feel it and now I know what I used to think is “over expecting” is actually what “Adam” does for me without even saying! What I used to think “a man of my dreams who is too good to exist” is Adam himself. I really really do not know how but, like every girl I too had “a man of my dreams” in my mind, his behaviour, his character, his actions, all I have thought of way before I met Adam and through the many people I met I had started believing that Fairytales do only exist in children’s books but no, it does exist in the real world too! Adam makes me realize every time! Today while we were close, he kept whispering in my ears many times “I can’t loose you” and yeah that made me emotional…

Whatever people say babe, I really can’t imagine a day without you. It’s your love that keeps me fulfilled all day. Every morning I wake up, cheerful, thinking how to dress and meet you. Every time it’s you, around whom I surround my entire day! You won’t ever loose me whatever it takes….


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