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A Daily Tale

I have no idea what to write today. I am going exactly ultimately vacant this time. There once used to be a time when I would post two to three blogs per day (ofcourse cause I had no social media or people to hear me out!) but now I am strangely out of ideas. Does that mean I am loosing my “creativity” with the growing age! Well talking of age, I am nineteen which probably means it’s the last year of my teenage life. Twenty somehow seems to be too grown up than nineteen. Don’t you too feel so? It seems like a throng of responsibilities are circling above your head and you got a life to fight ahead. Your parents won’t pamper you or go behind you doing your things cause you are grown enough but they won’t let you live a completely independent life cause you will still be a kid for them. That’s a confusing situation I feel.

I had a lot of free time today in which I literally had nothing to do. I thought to have some “steamy photoshoot” session. Ofcourse no helping hands, shoot to edit to modeling, all done by me! Great! I am feeling somewhat sleepy still now but I just don’t wanna sleep at this odd hour of the day. I haven’t posted on my Instagram art page for quite a few days and it made me loose a few followers (the page’s not performing so well as it was bursting in the beginning). One of my sketches got a bit famous (atleast I think so) and I am quite happy about it. I am facing a lot of pimple problem lately and it makes me so much conscious. I just wanna get back my perfect skin. I miss my boyfriend so much. He’s 914 km away and that’s quite a huge distance ofcourse. I wait to meet him in the hope that our college might open soon. We miss each other so much but there’s no way to get to see him. I will surely be panting around if I do not see him in a few days. I also guess that I am being over possessive these day. Well I can’t help it out but does that make me a toxic bitch? I dunno.

My photoshoot went quite well today and I was satisfied and it made me feel as if I was ready to fight for Miss World (don’t laugh!). Today my mom had a lot to do at her office so we are having dinner from a restaurant. Good for me…I wanted to eat outside for such a long time and my parents won’t allow. They always think eating outside will vanish away your liver. Does that even make sense?

Well I got nothing much to say today. It was like any other normal day. I feel so bored at home. I just wanna go outside.


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