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A Doggo and Bitch Story

Am writing after quite a lot of days. But believe me, I had not a single bit of an hour to sit down. My exams are already on board, but today I had a little time to plan out a schedule and finally put some time to writing. So I have been waiting to share this for so long! So long! I have always believed miracles come your way in the most unexpected sense. Mine too did! I fell in love, Yeah I did! A few days, that night, might have been the best night of my entire life. Too late it was for me to fall asleep. Me and Adam had that night to ourselves. Our chat boxes where silent, sleeping in the darkest of the nights, just me and him online. While surfing through the deep thoughts, sharing a part with each other, as we always do, we were both indulged in the moment. Maybe I can’t explain it in words, the feeling I felt the moment we confessed our love that night. Seemed like for the whole time, I was not in my senses, but travelling in my world of “fairytale”. No, I ain’t the narrator, I am the princess of my story!

That moment was a bliss. Seemed like it stopped the time for a moment! My heart beat’s fast, couldn’t believe my reality. I wish I could capture that moment, frame it forever. It might sound like every “love-bird” story, but for the people who have read my earlier blogs, and already knows how my life has been, I swear I have felt “love” for the first time! The faith I had withdrawn from the existence of anything such as “love” has been restored affectionately. The thought I always had in mind, if I always asked too much from my partner, has been cleared. Adam does more than i can ever imagine or ask for. I loose myself talking to him, smile thinking of his thoughts, daydream, feel. Never knew what “love” was like, always wished to get it. Always felt it must be some complicated shit, but that single boy changed me so perfectly. He turned everything slowly upside down! That one man, has shown me peace of heart. Pictured by my imagination and coloured by his ardour, we create a new art daily. Like nobody else made me feel that the world can be mine.

He’s been asking so many times “Why did I choose him?”. Maybe Adam I do not have a perfect answer, but I felt what I have been searching forever. Someone who can change the broken me, with all his friendship and attention, is someone I can give my entire life to! That night with him, I can’t ever keep out of my eyes. I don’t know if the stars were shining, if the breeze was blowing, but my heart felt it all. It was peace, after a long long time…….

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