It Just Feels Right

So my exams are nearing again. The last time I topped the mid semester, I felt really good and satisfied. But that was just a matter of luck I assume cause in online exams, everyone is prone to googling their answers. Yet, I knew I had worked quite hard and I did get the results. It was fun though!

I am currently addicted to a song. That song makes me feel so peaceful and loved, I can’t imagine! I was introduced to this song by the same person I have been writing about so much lately. Well, I just remembered I hadn’t given him a name yet. Well, let’s call him Adam (ofcourse I won’t reveal the real identity for privacy issues). Adam and I are first of all really close friends now. We had music sessions and movie sessions at night which made me really feel out of the world. A song can truly touch hearts. It can make you melt into an unknown universe of yours. I too melt whenever I listen to that song and believe me I have been listening to it all day! Somehow it reminds me of Adam. I feel good to think of him. A single song makes me feel as if it’s taking me somewhere, into a far away land of “fairytale”.

I don’t know just why am I feeling this way. But it’s a strong force grabbing me day by day, indulging me into some deep unknown land of eternity. Maybe I have finally started sorting out what “affection” is. I still do not know if he feels the same way as I do but even if he doesn’t, that’s not much of a matter cause he is already a really great friend. It’s just that I like being with him, listening to him, talking to him. I can be myself when I am around him. I daily ask him thousands of questions about life, feelings, emotions and all other things. He never upsets me! I do not know what’s just happening to me. I just know that whatever it is, it just feels right, it just feels pleasant.

I do not wish to judge if it’s right or wrong anymore. I just wish to feel this extreme force to the fullest….

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5 thoughts on “It Just Feels Right

    1. Heyyyy!!!!!! Do nice to hear from you after such a long long time!!! Thank you so much for going through
      By the way the song was “kina chir” and Happy Happy new year dearest !!


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