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Immature In Love

And YES! Love is painful. Having a crush is more. I always wonder if something’s wrong with me that I get hurt everytime. I feel less cared and loved. Even though I have a throng of followers in college and even had lots back in school, the guy for whom I fall is everytime the one to hurt. Maybe I expect too much. But I don’t even know where to put an end? Am I still immature enough to understand the vastness of this typical four lettered word? Well I never knew I was so good in flirting before I entered into college. I never had to. But in college the theme is entirely different. Even friends, best friends, classmates, roomies, everyone flirts with everyone else! I really love the concept. You can even flirt with your crush without making him/her know! How interesting, isn’t it?

Well being immature in love, I get hurt too often and so I am always scared. But first of all I wish to know if men have a different aspect of loving than women? Why the hell can’t they get the affection the right way? If the hottest girl in class is inclined to you, and you too like her back, and when she’s asking you to face time from her side, that too just you and she, can’t you be a good child and accept it? Can’t you understand the value of it at all? Not once, not twice, but thrice she asks you and you stand there rejecting it every time! How dare you! And now finally you come up with the idea of calling all friends in a meet. No! I love all of them, they are dearest to me. But all I wished was a lone time with you, can’t you get that? If I had to call all of ’em, I would have done it long long ago!

I really do not understand men or maybe I do not fit in with them or maybe I am mad a bit or maybe somewhere something’s wrong. I really don’t know. But the present situation is I thought the guy felt good being with me and it was him who asked me to face time right in the middle of night a month back! I wasn’t in a situation to accept his request but I did so cause I felt it would make him happy! Why can’t he do the same for me?

Huh! I might be too much cracking my head on petty matters. I have loads of work to complete. Well there’s a good news as well, I topped the mid-semester exams and secured the highest marks. How sweet! All those people who thought me to be a “shit-bag” and themselves to be highly talented are burning, seeing my scores. Nope! I ain’t boasting, just showing a bit of satisfied happiness…..

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