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Just a Shadow

Don’t you remember those nights
Drenched in that warm summer rain
With the stars smiling at your wet frame

I kept all those twinkling memories
Which used to be so spesh to us
Inside the safe space of my wildering heart

And if you don’t believe my words
You can hear my heart beat
Calling just your name…just your name
And now wherever I lead my unfaithful eyes
They search for your bewildered presence
Cause you are just a shadow to me

You shall never know
I beck the sky and the land by your name
Just by your name
My wish to see you stand
Right before my eyes as I close them
Can’t you make it come true?

Why are you so much apart
Even when you stand closer?
Can you tell me why there’s such stretch between us?
Cause you seem like a shadow to me….

Published by skylinerise

In search of life...

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