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I Fear The LIVING More Than The DEAD

This blog is dedicated to a social cause. It contains sensitive discussions, some might agree, some may not. I hope you would read it through the eyes of an understanding and vulnerable reader!

I ain’t scared of ghosts ever. I don’t fear the dead! I fear the LIVING more than the DEAD. Today’s blog is dedicated to women safety and their status in society. Women are often in most cases considered weak and fragile. Being a girl, I have witnessed multiple instances in my life that makes chills run down my spine. I wish the society would have been a better place to live. Mothers are women, wives are women. Had women been weak, mothers would not have been assigned the task to create a life inside their body and carry it all the way through till it finally gets ready to survive in this world. Had women been weak, wives would not have been called the goddess of a family. We aren’t. We never were!

Years have passed, though I see the world changing bit by bit daily, though I hear modernity in the voice of people, but sometimes they fail to execute them in their activities. As a girl, it’s not my fault that I ain’t allowed to be out late night, it ain’t my fault that I am not allowed to wear what I like. It ain’t my fault when I am molested and looked at by ugly eyes. I am a girl, I have my choices, I have my opinions, I have my likings.

It ain’t my fault when I feel unsafe at night, it ain’t my fault when I can’t fall asleep in a cab, it ain’t my fault when I am looked down as weak and meagre. Yes, I am a GIRL. Proudly a GIRL. For years and years we have been taught to be timid, bow before everybody and everything, accept every insult and carry it in out hearts forever. Girls don’t shout, girls don’t rebel. If you do, you are a characterless woman. Now we have learnt a lot! Forever I have been told to be careful cause I am a girl. Now it’s time we teach those “devils” in our society how to keep their hormones under control. How to respect each and every gender, how to look at people as people and not as “ITEMS”! Here comes a great discussion. Due to several atrocities going on for ages with the female of our society, we have branded all the men as obnoxious! But it’s not so! For a few, we can’t claim a whole group to be criminals. Atrocities with the women are now not bounded under a simple matter of gender but it’s something more than that today.

Every human being, irrespective of gender, deserves respect. Try to look at people as human beings rather than classifying them. Why should women fear to be late at night? Why should they be molested and abused? Sad to say, I know how it feels. I myself have been a victim of sexual harassment multiple times as a child. Sexual harassment is not limited to age, gender, looks, outfits, or anything else. Victims often find it really tough to speak out. Yes, I know it’s not easy. I have been through this my friend. But I know, If you won’t speak, those “devils” will find their way out.

In a world that we live, there lives the darkest dirtiest devils with us too! They have no shame, no mind, no emotion, no feelings, no guilt. They feel happy to see someone in pain, bleeding, crying, screaming, and finally dying in terrible irresistible pain! They feel amused to see somebody’s body burning into ashes. They have no guilt, no shame! We need to teach these “DEVILS” rather than simply cursing a particular gender for it.

I don’t fear ghosts, I don’t fear darkness. I fear the LIVING more than the DEAD. I fear the dirty darkness that exists in this world we live in…..

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