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I Don’t Give A Fuck About That

I am at that stage of my life when I can feel “I am GROWING”!! Never before did I feel so much of transition. Leaving one phase of life to enter into another can really be mesmerizing. This is the first time I am witnessing this and this is when I learnt so many things about myself. I sometimes feel happy about me growing into a full fledged adult, about my soul growing, about my body growing! Sometimes I feel upset about slowly loosing my childhood into some deep divine passage of time. It’s kind of an inexplicable torture of thoughts. But I feel good. Atleast better than how I used to feel a few months back sitting enclosed inside the four walls. I made some new buddies. They are all really sweet. We laugh and giggle and sometimes forget that we have only met in online classes and video conferences. We feel so attached that it never seemed to us that we only met during facetimes.

This pandemic has already taken a lot from my life. I don’t want to let it waste any minute of my golden college life anymore. We all eagerly await for the campus to be opened. But till now we only have the option of attending online classes! I feel disheartened thinking of all the fun we have been missing out but we try to make the best use of the time.

I have learnt to look at life in a simpler way. Thinking of it as a journey rather than a destination makes things better. Where do you have to reach? Do you have a limit? I know everyone sets a benchmark for themselves which they proudly call “GOAL” and on reaching this benchmark we call it “SUCCESS”. But what if we don’t reach there? Does our life end?

Life goes on in it’s path as it has to. Benchmarks are set by us and not by our life! Every single person has a different set of “GOALS”. What might mean success to you may not be to another person. “SUCCESS” or “FAILURE” is always justified by us. “RIGHT” or “WRONG” is what we think is right or wrong. From the time I have started thinking this way, I have seen a great change in me. “MATURITY”. Mature enough to understand….Never to give a shit what people gossip about you. They are nobody to judge! Nobody knows my story better than me so nobody can judge how successful am I or not better than me. All the struggles I went through, all the worst times I have crossed has led me to believe more in myself than what others say about me.

I was always like this,, the way I am…..Accept me or else…well I don’t give a fuck about that!

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