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My Memories Smile Back To Me

Sometimes I feel life isn’t as bad as we view it to be. It’s kind of a mixture. It has no destination, rather a journey. It has no directions, rather it shows us ways to find our own. Maybe, life isn’t all about just living. It’s all about living the way we want! From my childhood, I haven’t seen anything except competition, marks, and a terrible race. At some point I was forced to believe that there’s nothing beyond that. But there is! In a broader sense, as I am growing, I am learning to live in the PRESENT. Every second of my life counts, such is my importance in this world. Nobody is born “Useless” and nobody lives as “Useless”. Some people may live for something or someone while others may live because they want to live. I am the later one. I live because I wish to learn more from life, to be experienced, to get to know people and places. When we all die one day, there won’t be any money or status to take with us but some happy memories that might not be ever forgotten.

Talking of memories, all of them need not be grandeur ones. Sometimes, little things give more pleasure. Giggling with childhood friends, the little mischiefs you did in school, bunking class to go for snacks in college….aren’t a very great thing yet these are the memories which bring smiles on our faces when we think of them. I often hear, LIFE IS A RACE. Yes it is, but it needs not always be. Even in a marathon, the runner sometimes needs to slow down to run faster when he needs to. It’s really difficult to keep the same pace each and every time. Stop, Pause, Breath, but never Settle for something your heart denies of. The world wants us to be a runner, to keep the same pace or even do better. It never wants to let us stop or pause, I know, but it’s not necessary to do whatever the world wants us to.

We live once, we die once. Every human in any corner of this world is unique. He/she has his/her own opinions, their own ideas and values. I believe, if a person can’t understand your value, it doesn’t mean you aren’t valuable. I always keep on reminding myself, my SMILE is more precious to me than anything else in this entire world.

I might not have had a chance to enter my dream college. My parents hate me for this reason. But believe me I am happy here. I got a group of people who has similar stories to share just like me. They too went through years of hardships, failures, depressions and loneliness. I find myself among them. I can relate to their stories. People with similar thoughts and mindsets make you even stronger. Just the moment when you realize that you aren’t alone and there are people with the same stories as you, you feel stronger. Maybe if I had been in my “Dream College” now, I wouldn’t have been feeling so strong. Here, I do find others just like me. The way I think and believe, the way I faced failure and hurdles, the way I handled them….I can share everything. Moreover, as here are people who knows what loneliness and depression is, they are always ready to listen to you. You wanna talk you can. You wanna share you can. You wanna relate, you can!

Everything happens for a reason. I don’t know where my life will lead to, but I can promise it won’t be boring. At the end when I go away, I want to cry the tears of joy from all the memories I gather life long and not from the feeling that my life was simply empty, filled with anger, disgust and unhappiness….

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