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Love Makes You Feel Loved

“Love makes you feel Loved!” Love always need not to be from a partner. Love needs not always be from a relationship. It can be from anybody, anywhere and everywhere. I am back to my town after ages. Life feels so warm now. It’s got so many perks. It’s got lots to show and lots to see. In the past years of my life, I have seen so much of darkness that I was forced to believe that “Light” never existed. But you know what?….Life knows what it has to do with itself. Often we go through hard times that takes away our trust from “Life”. Sometimes situations make us believe there’s no more to see, there’s no more to know. Sometimes you might get into suicidal thoughts, into depression, into destroying yourself and Yeah! I too had such moments. There was a time when I believed nothing could make my life better anymore. I began destroying myself. But as I have already said, “Life knows what to do next”. It already got plans for you ahead!

I am happy nowadays. Why? I do not know. Meeting my childhood friends, hanging out with them, laughing, discussing silly stories, made things better, I guess. Situations are still the same. Nothing has changed, except, my way of handling them. What I feel now is, more than situations, it’s us who make ourselves unhappy. The moment when we learn to handle things right way, things will go as we wish.

I went for a walk by the lake today. Alone. With headphones on, I tried to hear the sound of my soul. It said, “I am Happy!” A walk can make you feel so refreshed. I had nobody with me. Just me and the lonely twilight. I could sense so many things, feels so many emotions and indulge into them. What’s the true purpose of life? To be happy right? Why do we run a terrible race, be it in schools or colleges or in our office? Why do we thrive for good grades, better placements, higher salary, quicker promotions? To be happy right? But don’t you think, somewhere in this race, we loose the purpose we are fighting for? Don’t you think, somewhere in this race, we loose happiness from our lives?

What it takes to be happy? Nothing. Being Happy needs no reason but being in darkness does! Sometimes, leave aside all your work. Think about yourself. Just you! In this big stage that the world places before us, it’s not always important to be perfect. Some imperfections make things prettier. Some imperfections lead to memories that go along a long way!!

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