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It Engrossed My Body

Didn’t you guys get bored yet? I am sure you did. I too get bored sometimes when I sit back to read my own blogs. All of those carefully typed, black-inked slides contain so many of my sadness and depression stories. Well, I can’t be blamed. It was the reason I started writing but now I feel I should record my happy moments too! Maybe when I sit back to read these after a few years, I don’t wanna be reminded of only the bad ones!!
Winter’s knocking at the doors and it’s a great feeling. I miss the warmth of my blanket for the whole year! Sleep seems so heavenly in winters. Moreover, winter clothes can bring new scopes for the fashion lovers (I am one of them).
I love the evening air. Though, at this time of the year, it’s too chilling, I don’t mind taking a walk through it. When the breeze flashes through my hair and suddenly the tip of my nose gets colder, I shiver a little and then look at the sky. So huge!! Isn’t it? The stars smile back at me, and I revive my walk again, loving the feeling to be lonely with the stars!

I imagine, if I ever fall in love, I would want not much from him. To sit by my side under the eternal sky, gazing at the stars, holding our hands tight, sharing headphones, falling in love forever this way, isn’t a huge thing to ask for. Right?

Among all the things that I want from life, the greatest one is Peace of my Soul. From the little things I do daily, I try to squeeze the best from it. The time I leave behind shall never return I know. It doesn’t take much time for the “Present” to become “Past” and the “Future” to hold our “Present”! Why not enjoy this moment? Why not make it as pretty as we can?

Today, I was taking a walk on my roof. The afternoon breeze suddenly turned to an evening chill! I had my headphones on, the sky was dark, the neighbors did lit a few lights but that wasn’t enough to overcome the enormous darkness of a winter’s evening. I was feeling the vibe. Dancing with the song, Smiling through the dark. I felt so good!! A simple walk can give so much peace.

Somewhere back in my head, a constant voice said, “Let the breeze touch my soul, let the darkness engross my body. Let the peace inside me take me away with it, somewhere far from this wicked city.”

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4 thoughts on “It Engrossed My Body

  1. the library where i am at now
    has bees on the roof
    it is in the middle of down town salt lake city
    seems like you have had a lonely hard life
    but no pity
    just hope you find love
    for yourself
    more often

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