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I Will Stay In My Heart Forever

And who says I can’t be consistent? Here I am back again. Actually I love writing, keeping my thoughts recorded forever. I see myself changing everyday, my mind, views, perception are changing daily. I wish to keep myself recorded for when in some far future if I ever wish to look back at the little silly girl, I can do that for sure. I know, the 10 years in future “ME” will always find it amazing to again look back into the mind of a 10 years younger herself. And I promise the young lady today that, whatever I do, wherever I go, I won’t disappoint her. I will keep her happy for when she smiles, my heart feels great!
I know she is strong. Strong enough to push aside what others think of her to remember what she thinks of herself. She’s the one who fears not to raise her voice, let the people call her arrogant, let the people call her spoilt, but she never fears to speak for the right. She knows to calm her mind. She knows to love herself.

Growing through the path of hollowness, she fears not to face the dark. A dark cloud in the sky makes her cry no more. One more betrayal breaks her no more. In search of light when she falls, she knows to stand up again. While walking through a dense forest, if she finds no body, she knows to find her way all alone….
Huh, she was silly when she used to trust people too much. She was silly when she cared for her lover. She was silly when she stood up for him. She was silly when she thought things will get better. Cause the world’s a bad place. Sillies can’t survive here!

But you know what…..Sometimes she feels, she’s still the same. The same “silly” little girl! That “little girl” still resides somewhere in her heart and might never leave. But the world’s a bad place. My young lady has to hide her heart in order to survive. When she’s alone and the room is dark, she brings out that “little girl” in her and cries her heart out. No! She doesn’t know what those tears mean, why they drench her pillow. She just knows, it gives her peace and that’s all that matters!

I know so much about her….cause I am the “little girl” she’s gonna hide in her heart 10 years later…..

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