The Voice On The Other Side

Did it ever happen to you that you develop a deep affection towards a voice and somewhere you end up finding a person close to you has the same tone? Can a voice simply change the way we think of somebody? Can a voice create a powerful happiness in your mind? How much power does a voice have?

In the past two months, every noon, I used to listen to a specific audio story channel on Youtube not just because their stories were amazing but the RJ had a magic in his voice. Believe me or not, I fell asleep listening to him and always wondered if I could have a person with the same tone. Though it may seem weird but yeah I had a specific affection for his voice. I used to listen to him all noon till I finally fell asleep!

For those who remember Mike from my previous blogs know what have been going on for the past few years. I haven’t met him in reality at all but will soon be doing so as he lives in the same town where I was two years back and I am getting back after completing my examinations. For the past couple of years, we have been knowing each other by chance! We had friends in common, and that was the source of our meeting. Through all these years, we have grown closer enough to be called “cool dudes” but it was limited just to texting until today.

Mike is half a year younger to me and I really had a different description of him in my mind. I rang him up today. It was the first time we ever talked over the phone and I knew what would happen next. He fumbled in extreme excitement and stress, talking to his two year old crush cum best friend. He could barely speak at first and went completely blank! I tried to calm him down, said, “Mike relax!! Calm dude…it’s alright!!”. He had two sips of water, multiple heavy breathing and fumbling sessions which went all the way for half an hour after which he felt more comfortable.

Now was the time for me to be amazed! As he talked, I went blank!! The same RJ voice, the voice I adorned the most. He had the same tone and as he talked by, I felt like listening to a story. That voice!! At some point it got me chills. I simply exclaimed, “Hey! You got an amazing tone!” He was overwhelmed. I never imagined in the wildest of my dreams that Mr. Mike would possess such a terrific tone! Being younger to me for about half a year, I always thought he would be kinda childish. Yeah he acts childish sometimes but we all have a child within us even though we grow, don’t we?

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