The 3:30 a.m. Reader

He wakes up at 3:30 a.m. just to read my blog, he keeps a separate part of his gallery just for the things I send him, he still listens to my parody song that was meant to have been deleted long ago, he’s available whenever I need help, he’s there whenever I wish him to be. No, he isn’t my lover, rather a friend! I guess, even my lover wouldn’t have done what he does for me and that’s what makes this friendship stronger than anything else!

Frankly speaking, I have not much friends. It’s only him who silently listens to all my shits the whole day. Whether I am angry or happy or depressed or restless or in a mood to crack a joke, just a text and he would be there! Do you get such a friend often? I never did before. He said me it was the last year that we were talking. I know it won’t be easy to keep old connections as we move to new colleges. I may get distant forever from some but I won’t give up trying to keep holding on to my old school-life friends. I shared some of the most precious moments of my life with them and I can’t easily let it all go. But Mike wants to go. Forever!

“Don’t forget me when you get into your college!”, I said him. “My gallery won’t let me!”, he replied. “And why is that so? Do you plan to break all connections dude?”, I asked, quite confused. “Yeah! it’s the last year with you!”. I didn’t expect such a reply. Mike has never acted this practical before. Loosing friends is the worst thing I can ever think of! “Who’s gonna listen to all my chatter then?”, I asked. He replied, “You too gonna get into a new college where lots of people would be flocking around you and among them you will get someone like Mike who would make cringe flirts and you would friendzone him again, and he would be listening to all your chatter, don’t worry!”. Though Whatapp isn’t that advanced to display the sender’s emotion but I could understand some mix of sorrow in that line. “Hey, don’t you worry about my new friends. They are not there in my hard times, but you are. They aren’t there when I needed to cry, they aren’t there when I am lonely, but you are!”.

Lots of such chats went by but I couldn’t convince him. He is adamant. I said him that a year later he will remember all of these things and would perish in guilt that he left behind such a good friend like me. I cursed him (sarcastically) that memories won’t let him sleep at unfaithful nights! He said, “yeah, I will remember it all. There are many things that won’t let me sleep”. Suddenly he changed his mood and asked me to think less cause he knows I have lots to do. Studying for an hour, posting a blog post, chilling and then finally going to bed! So much work! He said, “Don’t you think much. Let me sleep, I have to wake up again at 3:30 to read your post!” and dozed off!

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