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While The Whole City Sleeps Under The Unimaginable Darkness Of Night

I can’t explain! So much has happened today. It was a big day with too many small things happening now and then. As usual it was a load shedding but today it was a huge one. From morning till night there was no sign of electricity at all! We got batteries but that too was out of charge (How much do you expect that device would love to bear daily). I was home alone cause my parents were out for work and suddenly at around 5, as I turned on the light in the next room, every light in the house went off after blinking for about a thousand times and believe me it looked like a perfect setup for a ghost film shoot! The sun was about to bid goodbye. There was a play of light and dark in the evening sky and my whole house was completely dark. It was a short circuit. I rang up my dad thinking the battery must have been out of charge but it wasn’t! I am a brave girl who cares not about a ghost in the house. I am so lonely that I feel it would be so much nicer to have one so that I can atleast talk to him!

I stayed in my balcony but it was growing darker. The streetlamps were out as well cause it was a complete load shedding. We had no candles or lamps in the house! Added to the bad luck, my phone had too little charge so I couldn’t turn on it’s light fearing it would get discharged and I won’t be able to make any more calls. Just then a splendorous idea tickled my mind (my mind goes much faster in handling tough situations than during exams). I opened my dad’s new phone (which wasn’t in use till now) cause I knew it would be fully charged and turned on it’s light. I stayed in that complete darkness until my parents arrived. We called for an electrician, had some cold drinks, sweated a lot, completed a fight with my mom, waited for the light to be back, fought some more, and finally the light was back!

It’s almost 2:15 a.m. and it’s been raining cats and dogs for the past four hours without a pause. I do not know if I love the feeling but it’s different. Once again the whole city sleeps under the unimaginable darkness of night while I sit back to explain my “terrific” day to you guys!!!

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3 thoughts on “While The Whole City Sleeps Under The Unimaginable Darkness Of Night

  1. Ahh. That’s really scary. Hope the rains have stopped now and you are doing okay? Nice quick thinking! Loadshedding during rains is a common thing. Hope it does not get worse! Take care and dont fight cutieeeee ❤

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  2. I felt as if i were peering into a quiet moment with a candle, illuminating a dark space and catching some secrets. I like your honest style of writing. If i were plunged into literal darkness, i would think that i was being shown something i could only ‘see’ in the darkness. Nothing is random. Great post.


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